About Me


Danielle Cales is a media content creator, living in the Denver metro area. Before making her way out to colorful Colorado, Danielle was a member of The Energy Commission, an experimental band that played venues all over Chicago in a span of five years. After gaining a solid fan base, The Energy Commission was able to sell out tickets, while headlining the I AM FEST at the House of Blues in Chicago. Danielle also garnered international attention after recording a cover version of The Rolling Stones, “Time is on My Side”, as the song appeared on two major commercials, alongside a local Chicago commercial. As a Colorado Media School graduate, Danielle is currently refining her technical, writing, producing, and performing skills.  She is in the process of obtaining her BA in Communication and aspires to grow as a producer and director in a sea of growing competition.  Feel free to contact Danielle to discuss working on audio, video, and writing projects.